Verba Exclusive Program


Verba Design Co see's the authenticity, social benefit, art and unique quality to all things handmade. At one point in our history, everything was handmade and small batch. We aim to return back to that world where true skill, quality and art is respected and elevated. We envision a society free of the cheap, mass produced, big box stores and factories. It's time customers stop settling for cheap and shoddy, it's time your talent and skill should be respected and elevated. 

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With the Verba Exclusive Collection, we offer a solution by exhibiting your art on an elegant and focused platform, finally allowing the world to enjoy your creations and talent.

If you are an artisan, a designer, a creator and a dreamer looking for a platform to showcase your handcrafted goods, become a member of the Verba Exclusive Collection and display your craft alongside other talented artists.

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Drop me, Anya, a line at

and lets work together to bring unique and beautiful home decor back into the spotlight.