About Us

Who Are We?
Welcome to Verba Design Co the home for handmade (created and curated) home decor and personal spa products. We focus on Artisans and creators from Canada and USA, and particularly those who make handmade, small batch and unique items.
Verba translates to willow in Ukrainian. The symbolism of a willow tree is balance, harmony and stability. We see this as a perfect representation of what ones life and environment should be. To assist in creating this, the aim of Verba is to bring you distinctive pieces to uplift your spirit and to provide exemplary customer service to build relationships and bonds to last a lifetime. Verba understands you and your needs.

Why Focus on Locally Sourced Products?
"I believe society is on a trajectory away from mass produced, manufactured on the other side of the world, big box store type home and bath products. I believe the true art, skill and caring efforts of handmade products should be respected and elevated. I firmly believe in community, history and tradition. And so with this old world disposition, I want to revive the best qualities of the past for the needs of today." - Anya M.

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